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Everyone has heard about Oktoberfest, but it was surprising when we moved to Germany just how many festivals of all varieties there are.  This is true throughout the year with Fall having its fair share of Pumpkin fests, town fests, harvest fests, farmers fests, and more.  Here are a few we had a nice time attending over the last month.  

Hitcherhof Pumpkin Festival

This is a large festival in a small town 30 minutes southwest of Kaiserslautern.  There are small pumpkins, large pumpkins, Pumpin soup, pumpkins waffles, you name it.  There is also a shopping area with several stands selling everything from arts and crafts to fruits and vegetables. Recommend you get there early if you want to get any pictures without throngs of people in them.  

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Scheneckenhausen Farmers Fest

The entire Main Street of Scheneckhausen fills with shopping stands and various food vendors.  We did some shopping and had a plate of cheese spätzle and some drinks.  There were ponies and other animals for the girls to see and pet also along with a display of vintage tractors.  We bought our 6 month old daughter a painted Mickey Mouse from the same stand we bought our older daughter a Donald Duck two years earlier…a parent has to be fair after all!

Small town not so small today



Olsbrücken Kerwe Parade

These parades are so much fun, especially for the kids.  The Kerwe is a town celebration that just about each town in our part of Rheinland-Pfalz celebrates for one weekend each fall.  Our town of Sulzbachtal used to have a parade, but we think it was cancelled due to money, so Olsbrücken is the next closest thing.  The first Sunday of October there is a parade with about 15-20 floats, bands, and other groups marching and handing out candy, drinks, and other goodies.  There is a tent celebration (Zeltkerwe) and a central area with food and rides for the kids.  Our three year old had her first ride ever on a small carousel.  

Here comes the parade!

Indi’s first ride!


Echternach Vis Fest (bonus!)

We stumbled onto this one visiting Luxembourg over the Columbus Day weekend.  The historic square of Echternach had some food and shopping vendors, and at the center was a homemade apple juicing operation.  The result was all types of Apple drinks for sale.  It was simply delicious and we took a bottle for the road which we enjoyed all week.  

Echternach, the Oldest town in Luxembourg

Apple Pressing!

On any given weekend there are literally hundreds of these types of festivals in Germany and across Europe, you just have to find them! Until the next one…tschüss!