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I love hotels. I have always loved hotels and really all I ever wanted to be was a Director of Rooms at a luxury hotel and I was for a time. I moved on and now work in a more noble profession but at the end of the day I still love hotels. So now,  I have to explain Kupari. If nothing else then for the fact that my mother follows me on social media and I can’t post pictures of bombed out hotels without explanation so as to not cause her worry. 


man walking to the beach

 We are on day number four of an amazing week in Croatia. We have seen beautiful places and beaches that have spoiled us all for life. (Our two year old now tells us about beach! whenever we see one.)  That said, before we traveled here we read about some bombed out hotels near Dubrovnik that were from the war around 1991 and said wow, that’s interesting. (Apparently some Game of Thrones scenes were also filmed in some but we don’t Watch the show so we aren’t sure!) But then we got here, and drove to Kupari. Wow. 

Hotel Goriçina


walking on the beach!

As I said, I love hotels. And this is haunting. I’ve opened hotels and worked in seasonal hotels and frankly any unoccupied hotel is scary to me and unsettling but a bombed out hotel that has been left so much like the day it was closed is even scarier. So today, after an amazing day trip to Montenegro (more on that in another post, it was beautiful!) we had a couple of hours and owed our daughter some playtime and we headed to Kupari. We had driven through the other day and seen the great beach and parking and knew we had to go. There is no debris on the road or anywhere near the beach- even this super cautious mom was ok with it! 

The hotels are part of a former military complex that was once a beautiful vacation area. The complex includes several large hotels which were severely damaged during the Croatian War of Independence.  The complex was bombed from the sea by Yugoslav warships and gunboats during the Homeland war in 1991. This resort was primarily a military resort and it was rumoured that General Tito had his own hotel here and it suffered heavy damage. This was quite a complex, with 9 hotels and villas, 1896 beds, holding over 4000 guests! A 2012 appraisal of the properties valued the complex at over $500 Million (more interesting info here). 


Parking lot near the beach

 Back to the beach…which is great! Go past the bombed out hotels and find sand and clear water with parking and toilets and everything else! Croatian beaches are beautiful but many require hiking or a good walk and this one doesn’t so it really attracts a lot of families and locals. We had a hard time finding much on Kupari online so here is our contribution- it’s great! If you have a car- go! There are rumors we found online about investors possibly rebuilding it and that would be wonderful, but honestly it has some incredible charm now that everyone should experience and pay respects to the history here. 


view of Kupari from our balcony in Mlini