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From antique furniture to World War II memorabilia to kids toys, you can find a bit of everything at the Homburg Flea Market.  We love Garage sales, yard sales, and flea markets in the States and this one is all of the above and more.  Just 30 minutes west of Kaiserslautern, the Saarland town transforms into the largest flea market (Flohmarkt) in Southwest Germany on the first Saturday of every month.  It is held all around the town hall (Rathaus), with 1000 vendors from Germany, France, Luxembourg and beyond setting up bright and early.  Parking is hard to come by at 8AM, and by 10 it can be hard to walk due to the crowds.  There is a range of vendors from reputable antique dealers to the family looking to unload their old baby clothes. 

 Some common items we have seen include all types of wooden furniture, war helmets/uniforms/books, china, signs, toys, clothes, bicycles, instruments, and about everything else you would see at your typical garage sale in the USA. 

Main drag of flea market

This was our second trip to the Flohmarkt, having also made the trip last August- 2014.   That day it was a bit rainy in the morning which kept the crowds away, but this June it was a very hot and sunny day which meant huge crowds early.  Plus being the peak of outbound PCS season there were many Americans looking to stock up on European treasures before heading home (and to get that free government shipping!).  

Our first trip we bought some nice things including two China cabinets, a vintage wine bottle (we think from the 1920s), and a China set.  


Cabinet with China


Decorative wine bottle


The cabinets were once part of a dresser, hence the set, but they work very nicely in our living room to store some things behind lock and key.  This is really so our daughter doesn’t throw or eat them! The cabinets could be French from the turn of the 20th century, or possibly Belgian, we really are not sure or care, they look cool and are useful!

This trip to Homburg we only got some small things for our 2 year old – a wooden block rack of German letters, ABC flash cards, and a toy drum in German colors from the World Cup.  


Goodies from the Flohmarkt

All told the damage was just 7 Euros.   Well worth it for at least minutes (and hopefully hours) of endless entertainment for our daughter.  

We are looking forward to visiting Tongeren, Metz, and other Flohmarkts while we live in Europe.  You never know what you may find at the Mother of all yard sales!