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We drove from our home in Southwestern Germany to the Båstad area and fell in love with this beautiful and friendly place. It was a little hard to find much information online in English before our travels but from what we could find we planned some stops and activities and figured we would make adjustments when we arrived. One fantastic surprise was that everyone spoke flawless English. Coming from an area where there is really no English spoken in our little town and other areas we go to on a daily basis it was a relief for me especially and made things just easier. The exchange rate from the Euro or Dollar to the Krona was difficult but I’m quite good at dividing by seven now. 
We travelled from Northern Germany via the Rødby-Puttgarden ferry with Scandlines. I had taken ferries before but never with a minivan and a one and a half year old and I was plenty nervous about it. It was fantastic! We pulled up, gave our printed ticket from online at the toll type booth and were sent to wait in a queue with a red traffic light. Once it turned green everyone took off and we drove right on. By the time we got out of the car and got Indi in her stroller we were sailing! It was a 45 minute crossing on a small mini cruise ship that we all enjoyed. Once they said get back to your cars we all loaded up and again waited for the green light and off we went! Into Denmark! 

Boarding Times

Boarding Times

We then took another feat of engineering, the Malmo bridge into Sweden. It wasn’t cheap- about DSC03105$68 but was nice and reminded us of the Sunshine Skyway in Florida. We then drove the hour and a half up the coast to Båstad.
Båstad is a beautiful



town. It is the home of the Swedish Open Tennis tournament and reminds me a lot of a place I used to live, Newport, Rhode Island, with the rocky cliffs and sandy beaches nearby and the very upscale shopping street as well as the tennis influence. We stayed about ten minutes from town in a beautiful little cottage called Ångelsbackshof which even had a view of the sea.

Once in the area we hit several highlights and at the end of each day we couldn’t believe how much we had done. The area we stayed in seemed almost country but around every turn was a small store, antique store, restaurant or cafe. One highlight of the Bjare Peninsula is it is one of the only areas in Skane – southern Sweden’s largest county, with hills. And not only hills- rocky cliffs which made the beaches and hiking trails all the more beautiful.
Up next we will focus on my favorite other peninsula and the town of Höganas but for now we will leave you with some of our favorite pictures.