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Upon moving here to Germany we heard from many people stateside that purchasing a car here through the military sales program would be a “great deal” and you can purchase the vehicles without paying tax. Well, sometimes in life what you hear doesn’t quite match what actually is. First of all, after much research we found that it depends on what state you will be returning to and when as to whether or not you will need to pay state sales tax. Maryland, for example, has some very strict rules on this while it seems that Virginia is more lax and as long as we stay a year we won’t have to pay. However, what we hadn’t heard is that on particular makes and models the prices here are far more than the stateside car dealers, even on some European made cars. The only way that we could purchase a Honda in Germany was through this program and we did not find this to be a good deal and considered actually purchasing the vehicle stateside and shipping it to ourselves here which would have cost us less but the time involved and the painful process of power’s of attorney, etc. was just not worth it. I would highly recommend to anyone moving here military, civilian or otherwise to keep this in mind prior to moving!

Stay tuned… we may just have our van within a week or so… hopefully…