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Happy New Year, everyone! We traveled back to the USA for the holidays and after living in Germany for six months we had a whole new perspective on our former hometown of Washington, DC as well as Florida which we also traveled to. While there could be much said, this will be short and sweet and mainly a reflection on an issue that I just never considered before.
We expected that the driving would annoy us… And it did. Once you are used to the no speed limit, rule following, drive in the right lane and pass ONLY on the left way of driving, it is very hard to navigate I-95 in the DC area without fear and white knuckles. The thing however that struck me most was the number of broken down cars. We saw this on interstates in both the DC area as well as Florida. Here in Germany, it is illegal to leave an abandoned car on the Autobahn and is just not done. America is prosperous, presumably people can afford car repairs or towing. I can’t remember cases of friends or family just leaving cars on the Interstate, but wow… It was everywhere! Hopefully this isn’t a new rash of broken down cars affecting people and just a lack of AAA availability but wow, it makes you wonder how this looks to overseas visitors driving in America, I would be curious to hear thoughts of travelers to the US.
Best wishes for a great 2014 and here’s to cars that don’t break down on the Interstate!