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Who knew… Of the things I miss from the United States the toilets rank up there in the top five. When I think of the things I will be happy to see when we fly home this winter for a visit I think of McDonalds Sausage Biscuits, road signs I understand, being able to throw away trash and toilets with water in them.
Every toilet in Germany has a toilet brush, I kid you not. I thought at first it was just an at home thing or businesses but no, literally every toilet comes with a toilet brush next to it. Our town Grille Hütte has small outhouse looking restrooms in the forest next to it each equipped with a nice white toilet brush. This is what happens when each toilet is low flow and barely has any water in it; I’ll leave you to determine why this is required. Now, granted, utilities are very expensive here and I applaud them in trying to conserve water but the fact that every toilet comes with a toilet brush is one that just amazes me. In the US we have low flow toilets but certainly not to this level and not something that everyone has!
I guess there are worse things then cleanliness in the bathroom, but come on, a little more water in the toilet would really make things a lot easier in the WC!