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So this is from a few days ago and with all the craziness it was never published. (That and I totally forgot our password which my husband dutifully told me multiple times when asking me to please write on our blog, but whatever, it’s up now)
Well, we are packed. Ten hours and 178 boxes later. Most questionable item- glass tv stand. I may or may not have asked the man to just “leave it in one piece and put it in a box” when he couldn’t get the feet off; in the hopes that it doesn’t make it. A little insurance money on the worlds worst glass tv stand wouldn’t hurt anyone. 
Packing day ended with me covered in mouthwash- on purpose. In the process of cleaning the grill and outdoor furniture I managed to get 20 of the worst mosquito bites ever on my arms and legs. Being the accomplished Googler that I am I used my resources and according to our friends at ask.com found that using mouthwash stops the itch… And for those wondering it actually does help. 
Tomorrow they load the truck – hoping they move slightly faster than molasses but slower than an Andretti to keep our stuff (except the tv stand) in one piece. We will find out in August!