24 days until our flight to Germany and less than three weeks at work, this is actually starting to feel like the real thing.   After months of planning all of a sudden we are down to one car, have made a household goods shipment, and the house is now a mess off suitcases and piles of stuff.  Each “pile” has a purpose and we have  days to sort all of it out before the movers arrive on the 26th to pack.

More developments in the spirit of “proactive planning with a PCS move”….About a week ago my wife asks if we have heard about the pre-move survey from the shipping company.  After checking online (move.mil) our shipment only showed scheduled and not actually booked.  Several phone calls and emails later, Ft. Belvoir told us that our shipment was getting picked up that day by a shipping company.  5 days later I finally spoke to someone at the company, and 2 days after that finally spoke with someone about the survey.  The shipping company is coming out on Monday the 24th (two days before they are suppossed to pack).  Let’s just hope all goes smoothly.   On the other hand, the car shipment seems to be on schedule to leave Baltimore by June 30th and arrive in Europe by July 13th.  As for now the website (whereismypov.com) shows it at port, and when it sails that will change to showing at “ocean”.  We will all do a collective cheer when that is the case.

This weekend will be dedicated to packing the house and prepping for shipment.   Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to Rockies vs. Nationals as well.  Today is a perfect weather day in DC for the first day of summer.  It is also my last day working in Crystal City (part time office).  Until next time…..