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5 weeks from tomorrow we leave for Germany. The time has gone both quickly and slowly at the same time…if that makes any sense. It was last November when I received the job announcement for the rotational assignment to Germany. That was 8 months ago and it is insane to think about everything that has happened since then, and all of the waiting and suspense along the way….
– 5 week application process which included endorsements and support from my direct boss, his boss, his bosses boss (SES), his bosses bosses boss (2 star General), and for good measure another senior SES from a different organization
– another month waiting for position selection, which was also over the holidays and during my wife’s 9th month of pregnancy with our first baby (daughter), Indiana
– finding out yes in January the same week Indi was born! (Jan 15th and Jan 10th)
– learning in February the position was “on hold” due to sequestration. Excuse me Mr Obama and Mr Boehner…could someone please make a freaking decision so that thousands of Americans in the middle of this furlough and spending freeze can have some certainty in their lives??? That is another topic….
– Early April (Thursday of the masters weekend) I get a call that the position is funded (yay!!)
– rest of April was getting travel orders approved and setting up initial plans to move in mid July (our original plan was mid June but this was too much to pull off in 2 months)
– May involved taking a class on transportation and shipments, setting up those two shipments (June 12 and 28), getting both tourist (blue) passports and official government (red) passports, and listing our Bethesda house for rent which we did find renters for
– June has been busy with packing and moving items to a cozy 8×10 storage unit off river road. Trips down there are quick and offer side excursions McDonalds. Yesterday we got a sausage biscuit with cheese, sausage burrito, iced coffee, and large caramel coffee for 7 bucks!! The storage is for electronics that will not work in Europe, valuables, and stuff we just do not want to move. The government does offer shipment to storage, but there is no way to access these items for two years!! Plus no guarantee of a $7 Mcds breakfast.

With 5 weeks left it is nice to have all of that behind us! This week will involve shipping the VW wagon from the port of Baltimore and also our first shipment of unaccompanied baggage.

Today we are going to the nationals vs Twins game! We are using free seats thanks to American pest. It is a double header thanks to a rain out on Friday. We are only staying for game 1 because game 2 requires separate tickets and does not start until 7.

Until next time….
– JG